Our ‘Two Parent’ Government

In any household or country, it is important that there be two perspectives (more, if required*).  In a country like ours, one perspective is needed to be mindful of the needs of business and growth; one is needed to be mindful of the needs of the disadvantaged and the environment.
The best governance comes from conversations involving both perspectives.  Neither should strive for the destruction or even the weakening of the other.  Both are necessary.  If one is destroyed, the other is left with the responsibility of tending to all of it…the ‘Single Parent’ government.
If you’ve been a single parent, you know what I’m talking about.  The strongest families have two parents, one mission, two perspectives.  Would you ever advise a father to discredit or beat down the mother?  What happens to the security of the children when they hear their mother constantly insulting and blaming the father?  Constant bickering is what drives the children to turn inward and feel bad about themselves… and act out.
Democrats should be grateful that the Republicans are shouldering their responsibility to represent business and those who have money to build.  Likewise, Republicans should be glad that the Democrats are keeping an eye on the needs of the disadvantaged and the environment because they can’t do all of it; the scope is too big and the responsibility must be shared.
Thank you both…Republicans and Democrats.  Now…let’s talk…
*   If a third party gains significant support, it means one of the two ‘parents’ needs to widen the margins of its concern and should be willing to do so because those are voters/contributers hanging out, looking for a suitable home.
(I borrowed the image from the web.)

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