“What do people do, who don’t have Jesus?”

Last week; my daughter was stopped at a light and was hit from behind hard enough to propel her and the car through the intersection into another car. My daughter was not badly hurt but the little red car was totaled…bless him.

I am re-posting this piece in honor of the little car that gave his life to save my daughter’s, and because the truth revealed in these stories is …well…truth.

The View from 5022

This is my daughter’s car, Nino, after 8 hours at the dealership (Benson Fiat in Greer, South Carolina).  (I wonder how long it will take them to put Humpty Dumpty, or rather, Nino, back together again?)  Of course, I, too, spent 8 hours at the dealership, or nearby at McDonald’s across the street.  But it was an amazing day.  (There’s that word, again.  I need a bigger vocabulary.)

(This piece is rather long, but then it was a long, very full, day.  If, after you read it, you would like to leave a comment, click on the title and scroll to the bottom.  You will not have to identify yourself; just remember, God don’t like ugly.)

After two and a half hours in the guest ‘lounge’ of the dealership, I decided to go to McDonald’s for lunch.  There I met Peter; he was having an animated discussion with a McDonald’s…

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