Open Only in the Event of Outrageous Compassion

I have written previously about how Christmas really is about the gifts.  (See Bah! Humbug!?  )

I’ve had a few gifts of ideas … ideas of how to gift others…that I would like to share.  Please add ideas of your own.

Idea #1:  I am going to give $100 to strangers for gas money and here is how I am going to do it:  I am going to get 10 $10 bills, write on each bill “For you, from Jesus.”  I am going to seal each $10 in an envelope on which will be written “Open ONLY in the event of outrageous compassion.*”  Across the bottom of each envelope, I will write (* for gas or food money to someone who needs it.)  I am going to give these envelopes to strategically located gas stations, with the understanding of how and when they are to be used.  (See In Thanksgiving for Life.)

Idea #2:  I am going to go through my bookshelf and set aside all books I no longer need to keep.  I am going to write in each one, something like

I am so strongly loved by Jesus that I felt moved to give something to you.


The more I give to you, the more I am blessed.  I pray your Christmas is specially blessed, as well.

Then I am going to wrap each book as a Christmas gift and carry them around with me when I go out.  When I see someone who looks like they could use a Christmas present, I will either hand them one or slip one into their buggy or lay one on the counter.

I may do the same with bottles of perfume, jewelry, or anything that might bring someone else a bit of joy.

Idea #3:  I’m going to go to the water department and pay somebody’s delinquent water bill.  I would rather pay a power bill, but the local power company is so huge, there are probably too many regulations against it.  I will pay with cash.  If the recipient never realizes the bill has been paid, so much the better; looking for the appreciation is my biggest sin.

Any other ideas?



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