The Window Clingy

For the past hour, I have been standing at the sliding glass door looking out.

Times like these, things get really clear and really simple.

watching the bluebird couple checking out the vacant house; roses and azaleas in bloom even though #2 was defeated by an un-ranked opponent; realizing this may in fact be about my need to give up my little blue wonder car

For most of that hour, I peered around a window clingy bought for the season and placed just so to discourage the birds from flying into the door.  It reads, “In all things, give thanks.”

times are bleak

This time last year, times were bleak and when I lost nearly everything, I turned to all I had left…the love of my brother, an empty house trailer, and Jesus.

Seems I am being called to let go again

God will not abide other gods.

My mind has toyed with ‘cooking the spiritual books’ and rearranging my alliances and attachments so that they don’t appear so important…hiding my nakedness.  But God will not be mocked.

I have loved God but I have also loved my car, my team, and ‘my’ home which is not really mine but belongs to my brother.  I have very little but what I have may still be too much.  I am no fool; I will give up whatever I have…in obedience.  And even in that, I will give thanks, if I am able.



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Kitsy Stratton

Laying down my life

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